ENGINEERING: HTML5, Node.js, PhoneGap, Web & Mobile Real-time Multimedia
Join ScholarLab in the continued innovation of it's ground-breaking HTML5 multimedia, collaboration, real-time application platform. We love working on challenging problems and working with smart engineers that can help us grow individually too. Most of all, we value engineering.
Did we mention that this stuff all happens to be SUPER fun to work on? Big time and super fun. Doesn't come along often.
Be strong and focused and put in the crazy hard start-up hours with us to get there. We'll get there quick with you. You know the drill though: be ready to make this startup the primary focus of your life. Payoff huge though.
Working heavily and extensively with:
  • Node.js
  • HTML5 (Canvas, binary capabilities, binary websockets, video, SVG, MathML, MediaCapture, File API and all the rest)
  • We're doing a ton of multimedia, audio, video streaming knowledge of all that (RTMP, Wowza, HLS, all the rest)
  • MongoDB and/or Redis
  • Possibly other emerging real-time toolkits - e.g. Meteor, Derby and the like
  • Clearly, JavaScript and many JS frameworks!
Email us to apply (careers(at)